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Our first registration period is from April 1 to April 30, 2014. There is no registration fees involved.

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Fringe news


 Events Cancelled:
T1 Killing the lonelinesson 11.01(Fri) is cancelled due to technical problems. Other shows remain unchanged.
W2 Forum Theatre Joker Workshop with Live Demonstration on 11.09(Sat) is cancelled
Thank you for your attention!

 Chan Chu-hei will talk about People's Fringe on Radio & Television HK
2013.10.16  3pm
Place: RTHK

 People's Fringe being interviewed by City Magazine.

2013.10.04  3pm
Place: People's Fringe
Interviewees:Chan Chu Hei, Julia Mok, Sze Ka Yan of EmptySCape, Lui of Music Fairground and Siu of Little Theatre Workshop.

Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013 Poster

香港藝穗民化節2013海報 Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013 Poster

The A3-sized posters of People's Fringe are ready for pick up. If you can think of noticeable spots (Schools, offices, friendly cafes, hair salons, etc) to put up these posters, please visit to like our page and tell us how many you would like. We'll leave them outside People's Fringe Association (3rd floor, 581 Nathan Road, Mongkok) for you. 

Arts Appreciation - Introduction to the 2nd Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013
2013.10.03  1 - 2pm
Location: Sir Run Run Shaw Hall

Moderator: Ms Chung Siu Mui (Arts Administrator of CUHK)
Guests: Ms Julia Mok (Vice Chairman of Hong Kong People's Fringe Association)
   Mr Chan Chu Hei  (Chairman of Hong Kong People's Fringe Association)


Hong Kong People’s Fringe Festival 2013

Taipei Journey

(31/8 - 15/9/2013)


Highlights / News

2013.09.11-14 "On the Road Again" - A Private Journal @ Nanhai Gallery is an environmental dance @ Nanhai Gallery

2013.09.07 Killing the Loneliness / Santayana Li @ HK Originator
Performing on 7,8,12 & 15/9 at a hotspring resort.
To familiarize with the environment , the team, in spite of all hardships, moved to the hotspring area of Beitou.
(top right shot) post-performance talk. Hong Kong People's Fringe 2013 Taipei Journey at Room 305 of Spa Spring Resort, Beitou, Taipei.
(bottom shot) Performer, audience and team of "Killing the loneliness" posing after the show.

2013.09.05 Mo-men-t: Infinite Lines

2013.09.03 "John Lee Frame Drum Solo Concert"
( The audience were invited to touch and play and hear the sound that these instruments made. )


poster - HKPFF 2013 in Taipei


The 2nd Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013 will be held from November 1st to December 1st. Prior to the festival, four participating performance groups will present their works for the Taiwanese audience at the Taipei Fringe Festival. The performances, ranging from theatre to dance to music, mark the historically significant beginning of a continuous exchange between the Hong Kong and Taipei fringe cultures!

" The 4 Hong Kong performers for the Taipei Fringe Festival "

"John Lee Frame Drum Solo Concert" / John Lee "
"Infinite Lines" / Mo-Men-T
"Killing the Loneliness II" / Santayana Li @ HK Originator
"On the Road Again" / On the Road Again

More information
[ Taipei Fringe Festival 2013 ]


Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2014 will take place from October 18 to 15 November, 2014.
"Show registration" and "Venue registration" has just started!

Our first registration period is from April 1 to April 30, 2014 for inclusion of your show in the festival booklet. Again, there is no registration fees involved. The show registration form will be available from April 1, 2014 on our website. For details, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 2nd Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013, from November 1 to December 1, 2013.

The slogan of this year :
"Space ● Imagination ● Freedom ● Flight ~~~"

An open-access festival initiated entirely by the arts community is about to switch its gear to full force! Please support this wonderful festival! Welcome aboard!


The People's Fringe Kick-off Parade!

2013.10.27 Causeway Bay Pedestrian Area 
2pm Street Performances
4pm Kick-Off Ceremony of Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013


When People Act, The City Reacts!

The most meaningful thing about "Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival" is that it is an arts festival entirely initiated by the community. Any art groups or individual artists or venues can register to become part of the festival which is organized and coordinated by a group of volunteers. Last year's festival showed that there was a high demand for art in Hong Kong. The alternative venues also revealed Hong Kong's more interesting side. To allow more freedom and flexibility, the festival did not ask for funding from the government or from private sectors. As for the raising of fund will be conducted by means of a series of art events.

Brand New Teaser to be shown on New World First Bus and Citybus!


A Preview of the 2nd Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2013


Siu King Keung, Theatre Director talks about People's Fringe

Poet Tang Ah Lam talks about People's Fringe

Composer, Kung Chi Shing, talks about People's Fringe

Catch a glimpse of the 1st Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2012

1st Hong Kong People's Fringe Festival 2012 - Roadshow at Avenue of Stars 

This was a promotional event held at the Avenue of Stars in Tsimshatsui. One after another, the participating groups showed their work in drama, dance and music. What a feast!

November 2, 2012 (Friday)
7:30 - 10:00pm


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